Diamond home broken into twice…Over $400,000 in items stolen


Police are currently probing an incident which occurred at Sixth Avenue, Diamond, East Bank Demerara, where another home was broken into and valuables taken.

INews understands that the home of Chandra Doobay was broken into for the second time by thieves. The breakage was only discovered recently by the caretaker, who went over to check on the building.

capture 3According to the caretaker, the estimated loss in valuables amounted to some $400,000 and include a television, DVD players, among other items. The caretaker told INews it would appear the intruders wore gloves during the raid since, although the place was heavily ransacked, police could not find any fingerprints.

Doobay’s home was first broken into in December, 2014. However, during that time, the victim, who lives alone, was at home. She reportedly lost close to $1 million in cash and valuables, including all of her Jewellery.

Police are investigating.


  1. Would anyone like to buy my plot of land on the WCD? It’s already fenced and filled up higher than all the other lots in the area by almost four feet. Was thinking of building and spend my retirement back HOME but with the killings burglaries and robberies, NO WAY “JOSE”
    Will sell at the same price for which it was bought or may be less for quick sale


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