Diamond Fire Station robbed, 1 suspect apprehended by quick Police

 by Ramona Luthi

fire-station1Police now have one armed bandit in custody while a search is being conducted for his accomplice, after they stormed a fire station in broad day light and robbed the firemen of cash and other valuables.

According to a fireman attached to the Guyana Fire Service Station in Diamond on the East Bank of Demerara, just after midday today, the two armed perpetrators entered the building and demanded that everyone hand over their valuables.

The fireman, who prefers not to be identified stated that five other firemen were present at the time. However, one of the five managed to escape the building and began to shout and alert residents who were on the public road and nearby.

Unfortunately, this caused the bandits who were inside to become alert and they quickly fled the scene, taking with them one of the firemen’s bag which held $160,000 in cash.

The Police were contacted and, due to their prompt response, were able to capture one of the suspects, while the other disappeared into the cane field.


  1. Now we have “quick police” prior to the robbery we had dumb fat big belly police fried rice police tek a bribe police and uneducated ugly scumbag police –this is change the leader talked about.

  2. GT is getting funnier by the Hr,just like drugs the only thing left is to ship drugs in the national anthem,won’t be surprised if the PM or the Fresident is next to be robbed.


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