DHB to reintroduce night retractions to reduce morning traffic congestion


The Demerara Harbour Bridge Corporation (DHBC) plans to restart night retractions.

According to a Government Information Agency (GINA) report, General Manager, Rawlston Adams said that  this move is being made to ease morning congestion at the bridge.

bridgeAdams explained that the company is currently in discussions with the captains of pilot boats and examining schedules and tidal conditions to see how best night retractions can be reintroduced. The opening span of the bridge is retracted to allow passage of vessels.

The night retractions will only facilitate large vessels and will not allow slow moving vessels including barges to pass. According to Adams, preparations are being undertaken to correct the necessary works for the re-launch of the night retractions, GINA said.

Pointing out that the lights were not used over a period of time and overgrown vegetation obstructs the line of vision, Adams said that  once these are cleared the process will begin.

The General Manager noted that day retractions will not be abandoned; however, the length of time would be reduced. One of the issues with the day retraction is not being able to open at the optimum tide, which heavily impacts the bridge.

The night retractions are expected to commence before the end of the month, GINA said.


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