DHB retractor span fixed; truck owners cautioned on weight, speeding

Works being done to repair the retractor span

A week-long battle to repair a section of the Demerara Harbour Bridge (DBH) retractor span finally wrapped up today.

The retractor span at section nine of the bridge had developed mechanical issues resulting in no retractions for marine traffic for several days.

See below for a statement from the Public Works Ministry on the completion of the repairs:

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan A. Edghill expresses deep appreciation to the engineering Team as well as the Management and Technical Team from the Demerara Harbour Bridge Corporation for their work beyond the call of duty over the last one week since announcing to the public severe damages to the retractor span section nine (9).

Today, ahead of the 4 o’clock schedule reopening to vehicular traffic they were able to successfully complete their work and traffic is now flowing as per normal.

We wish to use this opportunity to call upon all motorist, especially truck drivers to observe the weight limit as well as the speed limit since both excessive weight and sudden application of brakes create damages that are very costly.

During the period of repairs, special retractions were being supervised by the engineers to facilitate marine traffic. Notably, by tomorrow, retractions will be back on schedule, to facilitate both north and southern bound marine vessels.

According to Minister Edghill, long term solutions as it relates to the weight on the bridge is still being pursued, trucks and heavy motor vehicles will still have restrictions at this time.

Minister Edghill expresses his deepest appreciation the High Level Technical Team to former Minister of Public Works, now Minister of Home Affairs, Honourable Robeson Benn, engineer Marcel Gaskin from Marcel Gaskin & Associates Ltd, Former Major of the Guyana Defence Force and Former Design Engineer at the Ministry of Public Works, Mr. Bhageshwar Murli, Ret’d Specialist in Bridges and Designs, Mr. Joseph Holder, engineer Mr. Jerry Mark Goviea and his team from Industrial Fabrications Int.

Further, the Minister expresses the People’s Progressive Party/Civic commitment to the building of a four-lane high span bridge across the Demerara river.