DHB expected to open for light traffic on Tuesday evening

One section that was damaged as a result of the incident

…water taxis remain operational until 10:00h

The Demerara Harbour Bridge will remain close to vehicular traffic as an emergency team is working around the clock to repair the damaged sections.

This was according to Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson who stated that the bridge might be able to facilitate light traffic until Tuesday evening.

As such, provisions were made for the water taxis to work until 22:00h to facilitate commuters travelling from Georgetown to Vreed-en-Hoop and vice versa.

One section that was damaged as a result of the incident

However, Minister Patterson has disclosed that from preliminary investigations, the barge was manned by Cubans and Panamanians. After they started to drift from the anchorage point, a mayday call was sent out since no one spoke English. They are presently in custody.

Due to the impact, two spans were damaged while the structure has completely shifted. Preliminary works had to be halted for a few hours due to the change of tides.

It was explained that there is no mechanism in place to realign the bridge and as such, the only alternative is to await favorable tides.