Deputy Speaker? PPP “not interested”

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo and other PPP MPs

By Jomo Paul

Some PPP MPs
Some PPP MPs

[] – The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has made it clear that it is not interested in nominating someone to occupy the post of Deputy Speaker in Guyana’s National Assembly.

PPP General Secretary Clement Rohee made the pronouncement on Monday November 9, while responding to a question posed by iNews.

Rohee, when asked whether the Party has made any forward movements to name an individual for the post, responded that the question was based on the assumption that the Party is interested.

“You are assuming that we are interested in it,” said Rohee later adding, “no we are not, we are not interested in that.”

Chief Whip of the PPP, Gail Teixeira on August 17, had told Speaker Dr Barton Scotland, that the Party has no nominees for the post of Deputy Speaker.

The Party was slated to select someone from its list of Parliamentarians to occupy the post but when called upon by Dr Scotland, Teixeira responded that the PPP has no nominees.

There were reports that former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall would take up the post, but Rohee had denied the report.




  1. PPP need to stay clear and clean as Guyana is on the road to bankruptcy by the PNC.
    The AFC will soon see it and tried to say it’s the PNC alone that was raping the treasury despite NAGA the snake is sucking blood from poor people.

  2. George well said. PPP/C we totally support you on this move. No need for the Deputy Speaker position. Let those clowns have it all. After all they love power and will stoop to the lowest to gain power through the back door. For example rigging of the 2015 National & Regional elections. This Colation Government will go down in history as “Defacto”.

  3. I cant imagine that up to this day people are still demonising Burnham what the hell this man did to indo guyanese that they vant move on,half of the people that are Still talking about this man was not even born when he was alive or too young to even know him ,its jist things that were taught in the house they dealing with .As a boy i jeard so many bad things about Dr Jagan but then i decided to find out more of the man and found that what i was hearing is all POLITICAL DIVISIVE STRATEGIES .LEAVE BURNHAM ALONE

  4. Well said ..the can’t face the fact ..the heat was too much …the can’t balance a scale properly ..can the balance a budget Lol…the had to cut the days down

  5. Ppp don’t want be a part of a failure team way PPP..let the dictators empty the treasury n eat out Guyana …like termite …enjoy apnc …the cant do anything ….the only thing the can do is run down Guyana

  6. Spoil brats! When things don’t go their way they pick up their marbles and go home. You PPP/C parliamentarians have trained your followers well; when you are not the ruling government you complain a lot, and withdraw from active participation in any development of the nation. You hardly contribute any constructive input to the societal concerns of the country. Could I consider you all fair weather Guyanese; those with the attitude of “my way or the high way approach.” Learn how to be team players.

  7. In total agreement with you George. Should the PPP/C accept the deputy speaker position, the incompetent, vindictive APNU/AFC administration would ensure that that person never get the position to occupy that chair once Scotland is alive. That person would have position but no power. Their uncivilised behaviour as witnessed I. The budget debate is a strong reminder of how low the AP U/

  8. I support this decision by the PPP/C, do not participate in any pappy show. The APNU / AFC held on to both the Speaker and Deputy speaker posts in the last Parliament. This was never the tradition, even under Guyana’s most brutal dictator Forbes Burnham. The coalition broke with tradition again in the last Parliamentary debates by allowing the the defacto PM to speak last, i.e., after the distinguished Opposition Leader, Bharat Jagdeo. What is the coalition’s rationale for offering the deputy speaker post to the PPP/C this time around? The pack of jokers in the APNU/AFC coalition are out to destroy all that was built by our late leaders by, imposing their personal will, recrimination and stupidity on the Parliament that belongs to the people of Guyana. Give the deputy speaker post to “another citizen from civil society”. CN Sharma or Nigel Hughes are two candidates who can fill this post.


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