Deputy HR for City Hall says administration can do better


While many have related their disappointment with the management at City Hall, it seems as though those views are shared by some of its employees as well.

As the Deputy Human Resources Manager of the Mayor and City Council (M&CC), Michelle Smith testified at the ongoing Commission of Inquiry (CoI) upon being summoned on Friday, she too, specified that the administrative body “can do better” in terms of its processes and answerability.

Questions were directed at Smith by the Commission where she answered to the payment of workers and retired employees. Disciplining of staffers and their employment were also examined.

It was stated that workers of the Council are disciplined after a letter is sent to the Human Resources Management Committee, outlining the particulars of the misdemeanor.

However, the complainant is allowed to sit at the hearing which seemed baffling to the Commission.

At that instance, it was revealed that there are more persons under the unfixed agenda. This ultimately means that those persons would work for additional years without receiving many benefits after retirement.

For some of the persons who were not paid their benefits after retirement, Smith stated that she is of the belief that they have been paid or are in the process of receiving their monies, which can be verified by records of the Council.

This is contradicting to what retired employees told the Commission during their witness statements.


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