Deported Brazilian Businessman found living in Guyana; Rohee said he did not lift deportation order



By Leroy Smith

Euclid DaSilva
Euclid DaSilva

[] – The father of the young man now at the center of an investigation into the shooting of Police Constable Leroy English on Wednesday morning was once on the most wanted persons list of Brazil in 2010 for money laundering and drug trafficking.

The man, who has been identified as Euclid DaSilva and now lives in Guyana, allegedly operates a business. He was once deported to Brazil with a jail sentence hanging over his head.

iNews was reliably informed that DaSilva allegedly escaped from lawful custody in Brazil in 2010 and made his way to Guyana but local police caught up with him after it was found that he had forged documents in his possession.

He was then handed over to the Brazilian authorities; however the man is now back in Guyana. It is not clear if he was granted pardon by officials of that country.

Checks by iNews revealed that in 2010 he was arrested by local police on suspicion that he obtained a forged Guyanese Birth certificate,  which he denied through his lawyers at the time.

Today, Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee told iNews that he is familiar with the case and he would have to check the records to see how the businessman ended up back in Guyana.

Rohee confirmed that DaSilva was indeed deported from Guyana. Asked if at any time he signed documents to lift the deportation on the man, the Minister responded in the negative.

DaSilva was in 2012 hauled before the Courts to face three charges – illegal entry to Guyana, conspiracy to commit a felony and uttering a forged document.

It was claimed that he was wanted by the Brazilian authorities for unlawfully escaping from custody while serving a lengthy prison sentence.

Previous reports are that DaSilva was arrested by local police on suspicion that he was a Brazilian who was in possession of false Guyana documents.

But despite efforts to prove that he is indeed a Guyanese, the local lawmen whisked him away to the border although a Court order was obtained to block his expulsion.



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