DeNobrega dominates Digicel Cancer Awareness Cycle Meet


The outstanding Paul De Nobrega was crowned champion in the main event of the Digicel’s Cancer Awareness Race that was held on Sunday.

Riders participating in this activity had assembled on Irving Street, just outside of Camp Ayanganna, and had travelled north, making drifting turns on to Vlissengen Road and then Thomas Road, as those roads were transformed into a cyclist playfield.

Paul DeNobrega

In the main event, a 40-lap affair, DeNobrega had sustained a flat tyre, but the talented cyclist persevered to achieve greatness, separating himself from his fellow cyclists by a great distance for over 10 laps, and lapping two cyclists en route to being crowned champion.

Other finishers were as follows: Brighton John 2nd, Jamal John 3rd, Akeel Campbell 4th, Hamza Eastman 5th, and Michael Anthony 6th.

There were other races before this epic event. Among those races were Veterans over-and-under-45; the mountain bike category, Novices category, and the Junior and Senior categories.

The Veterans over-and-under-45 riders were earlier involved in an exciting 30-lap encounter, from which Paul Choo-wee-Nam emerged as the best rider in both of the veteran categories. He was the first rider to complete the race, and accordingly was awarded the prizes for both categories of veterans.

In the Veterans under-45 category, Junior Niles finished in 3rd position while Warren McKay emerged in second. And in the over-45 category, Club Evolution’s Amit Sankar finished in 3rd while Ian Jackson finished in 2nd.

In the mountain bike category, Quacy Punch, the dominant performer, finished in first while Jozi McHally and Mario King finished in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

The Junior cycle winner was Brighton John, who enjoyed a good day at the office, as he copped 2nd position in the Senior category as well.

In addition to John, Emanuel Gareall and Donnavant Fraser were 2nd and 3rd respectively in the Junior category.

Outstanding performers with Digicel representatives at the presentation ceremony

Digicel staff members were involved in an exciting mountain bike race, outstanding performers of which were rewarded by Digicel and Evolution representatives.
This entire event was conducted for the purpose of raising awareness of the scourge of cancer, breast cancer in particular, and funds for the Cancer Institute. Digicel collaborated with Evolution Cycle Club to support the much anticipated sporting event.

Speaking at the presentation ceremony, General Manager of the Cancer Institute of Guyana, Fiona Legall, thanked all the cyclists for participating in an activity that supported such a good cause. She explained the importance of screening for cancer, and added that early detection saves lives. (Brandon Corlette)


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