Delivery Service rider robbed of motorcycle at gunpoint


A rider attached to a popular delivery service was yesterday robbed at gunpoint of his black XR motorcycle CJ 3.

The incident occurred at around 20:30hrs at Delhi Street, Prashad Nagar, Georgetown by one unidentifiable man.

Police said the victim was in the area on a delivery exercise when he stopped the vehicle to make a call for directions.

While on his phone, the suspect approached and asked the rider “who you looking for?”

As the man was about to speak, the suspect whipped out a handgun from his pants waist and aimed the weapon at the motorcyclist.

The bandit then demanded that the man dismount the bike. Fearful for his life, the rider complied.

The suspect then rode off with the victim’s motorcycle heading north, then turned east on the Railway Embankment.

Checks were made for the suspect but he was not located. Several persons were questioned but no useful information received. Investigations are ongoing.