Deafening silence from M&CC on next move for ‘failed’ parking meter project


Dear Editor,

As we countdown to the expiration of the suspension of the Georgetown Metered Parking By Laws, the residents of Georgetown and citizens of Guyana have not been bestowed with the courtesy of communication from the Mayor & Councillors of the City of Georgetown (M&CC) or the government through the Ministry of Communities as to what to expect.

The silence although deafening, is admittedly, sadly, not at all surprising since this seems to be the new standard level of respect which our elected officials feel we as voters are entitled to. Notwithstanding, the ‘Fantastic Four’ at M&CC buttressed, by a Council who are unable or unwilling to do otherwise, seem poised from all indications, to reinstitute the metered parking system in Georgetown once given the green light by Government with the enforceability of the said By Laws, the legal framework upon which metered parking rests.

In the three months suspension nothing meaningful has taken place. The Council held purported consultations at times when it was difficult for the general public to attend, nor was there any outreach. The Movement Against Parking Meters (MAPM) from all reports discharged their self imposed duty to the citizens of Guyana. They appeared before the mandated Committee and systematically and competently refuted every talking point of the M&CC.

Notably, the aforesaid events are all taking place while proceedings are still pending in the High Court with regard to the legality of By Laws and contract. But legality aside and even if deemed legal, the damage has already been done. The project has been an undoubted failure to the point that it cannot be salvaged.

The embarrassing details emanating in the media as to the irresponsible and vulgar spending of the M&CC do not further their cause. With all that has taken place and unearthed since the institution of the metered parking system in Georgetown, it would have been enough in any other civilized society for the elected officials to ‘back-peddle’ on the project. Not so in Guyana! So we the citizens of Guyana wait, in fear of ambush of the ‘green monsters’, but not cowardly, as I have no doubt my fellow citizens will once again resist if there is a reoccurrence and this time put the ‘green monsters’ to rest, permanently.

Yours faithfully,

Movement Against Parking Meters (MAPM) 


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