Deadly Police Operation: GPF says it has ‘no desire to conceal the truth’


Statement issued by the Guyana Police Force:

Cognisant of a statement issued by Attorneys Konyo Sandiford and Nigel Hughes, representing the Boston family following the fatal shooting of Orin Boston by the police yesterday September 15, 2021, at Dartmouth, Essequibo, the Guyana Police Force is refuting the premature and irresponsible allegation made that this was an act of murder, and that there have been a “rush to judgement” and “the immediate adoption of a hostile position” by the Police Force in view of the Police Press Statement issued.

The Press Statement made earlier yesterday (Wednesday) by the Guyana Police Force in relation to the incident was issued following a debrief of the ranks who were involved in the anti-crime operation during which it occurred. The Commissioner of Police (ag) Mr. Nigel Hoppie, however, clearly stated during his Press Conference Wednesday afternoon that the wife of the deceased has contradicted the unfolding of events as carried by the police and this will form part of the investigation being conducted into the matter by the Police Office of Professional Responsibility. She has since given a statement to the investigating ranks.

The issues of concern raised by the Attorneys will be dealt with in the ongoing investigations.

However, some aspects have already been discussed with relatives. Blood samples have also been uplifted at the scene and the bloodied bed sheet taken into custody by Police Crime Scene ranks.

The Guyana Police Force is assuring the relatives of Orin Boston, and the general public, that the Police Force has no desire to “conceal the true sequence of events” as stated in the family’s lawyers statement, but on the contrary will be conducting a thorough, impartial and professional investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of Orin Boston.