Dead youth was previously threatened by girlfriend’s relatives – grandmother

Devon Xavier
Devon Xavier

Twenty-year-old Devon Xavier, of La Penitence Street, Albouystown, Georgetown who was brutally stabbed to death by his girlfriend’s cousin on Saturday evening was previously threatened by her family who reportedly did not agree to the relationship.

Xavier reportedly met his demise about 21:30h on Saturday while he was visiting his teenage girlfriend at her Sophia, Greater Georgetown home.

According to Police, Xavier was talking to the teenager when her father and her cousin approached them. Upon seeing them, the girlfriend told Xavier he needed to leave, since her relatives were not in agreement with their relationship. Subsequently, her father instructed the teenager to go into the house while her 39-year-old cousin grabbed Xavier and stabbed him to the chest.

The suspect then made good his escape, but was later apprehended by Police at Cummings Park, E Field Sophia. The father was also taken into custody.

On Tuesday, this publication visited the home of the now dead man and spoke to his grandmother, Veronica Vanlonge, who practically raised him. The woman was devastated by news of her grandson’s murder.

“I was made to understand that my grandson had a relationship with this girl and I warned Devon about this girl. On Sunday, my son-in-law come and tell me that Devon get jook and I said ‘way he deh’, and he tell me ‘he deh in the mortuary’, and right away I don’t know what happened,” the grieving woman said.

“When I go to the house there, I see all of them crying and all sort of things. They destroyed my 20-year-old grandson. A nice little boy, two men, two big men, they could have beaten him, they shouldn’t have killed him. The Doctor said his heart cut, his lungs cut; the Doctor said he couldn’t have lived. The girl grandmother even said they bought the Rambo knife especially for him,” she said.

Vanlonge said ever since her grandson and the teenager started dating, his family kept threatening him to end the relationship, since they too were not in agreement.

“I threatened to put him out if he continues seeing the girl. He told me he was done with she… my daughter even called me and told me that Devon is not losing this girl,” she said.

Vanlonge recalled that on one occasion, the girl’s family members had beaten him severely.

“I get a small grandson and he come to me and say that they [the girl’s family] catch him and put on a boxing-up and a licking on he. But when he come home the night, I see he face swell and I say ‘boy, what happened’, and he told me some wood knock he… they did him all kinds of things, they even threatened to chop him, all kinds of things,” she related.

She added that her grandson was a very quiet and peaceful person who always had a smile on his face and never troubled anyone. She said he did not deserve to die in such a manner.

“I am hurt; I am really, really hurt, because these people bigger than my grandson. They pulled him in the yard and jook he up. He was a little fine boy… this was planned, it was a planned something. But I need to see they go to jail; I need to get justice and I will get justice… we will go all out to get justice,” the woman said.