Dead bandit identified as Agricola resident

Dead: Kevin Fields.
Kevin Fields in happier times
Kevin Fields in happier times

[] – The suspected bandit who was shot and killed after he robbed a customer of Ramchand Auto Spares just after noon today (Monday july 14), has been identified as 21 – year – old Kevin Fields of Agricola East Bank Demerara, police sources confirmed.

A visit to Fields’ Facebook page shows him posing regularly with loads of cash and jewelry. He is the father of one child. 

He was also seen posing with a firearm licence. No other information in relation to the young man was immediately available. 

Fields along with an accomplice is believed to have traced a businessman from the bank to the Sheriff and Duncan Streets location and held him at gunpoint before relieving him of a bag with some $1.7M.

The two then attempted to escape on a CG motor cycle; however, the victim who is a licensed firearm holder fired a shot, fatally wounding one of the perpetrators to his head. The other managed to escape.

Kevin Fields lay lifeless after being shot to the head
Kevin Fields lay lifeless after being shot to the head

The businessman was taken away from the scene by the police for security reasons. The owner has surveillance cameras in his store. He was however ordered by the police not to release the footage to anyone, since they are still trying to track down the bandit who escaped.

The $1.7M was recovered along with an unlicensed .32 Taurus revolver, five rounds and a spent shell. 

The man’s body was taken to the Lyken’s funeral parlor. 




  1. poor cuuch boi cut down in he prime while working. no more to be said except all law abiding citizensof guyana must be fully armed ready willing and able to take out these parasites


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