De Kendren blackout: Residents peeved at fallen GPL pole


…says it could have been avoided had GPL acted on their complaints

A rotten electricity pole in the village of De Kendren, West Coast Demerara (WCD) collapsed into passing traffic around  14:00hrs on Saturday, rendering villages as far as Boeraserie, East Bank Essequibo (EBE) without electricity.

The pole reportedly fell with a loud crash on to a BK International truck, causing that vehicle to plunge into a nearby gutter. Fortunately, no one was reportedly injured.

This incident has angered villagers, who note that it could have been avoided had the Guyana Power and Light Inc (GPL) heeded the numerous calls it reportedly had received in regard to the rotten pole.

The fallen electricity pole

The pole had allegedly been leaning into traffic for a relatively long time, posing danger to life and limb.

Following the incident, severed electric wires were seen lying across the road, and traffic had to be diverted as traversing the area was deemed dangerous.

However, after several hours, GPL workers were able to restore electricity to affected communities. In the meanwhile, villagers are calling attention to the absence of an electricity pole in the area and to the fact that some connections have still not been restored.

The villages are also currently out of cable and Internet connection, as a severed GTT wire has not been replaced.

This publication has been advised that several electricity poles on the West Side are in a rotting state, and villagers are concerned that a similar incident might result in serious injuries.

Roycelyn Alleyne of De Kendren said that another rotten pole obliquely opposite her home is leaning towards the road and needs to be replaced.

The woman added that she has personally reported this to GPL but nothing, to date, has been done.


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