Daughter, of Guyanese that killed his wife in the US, says father was very abusive

Cremated Rajwantie Baldeo
Murdered: Rajwantie Baldeo
Murdered: Rajwantie Baldeo

In light of the heart wrenching news that their mother, Rajwantie Baldeo was killed by their father on Sunday in Queens, New York, one of Baldeo’s daughters, who lives in Guyana,  related to media operatives that her parents shared a very abusive relationship.

According to Shalini Ramjiawan, her parents have been together for over 30 years. However, she recalled that on numerous occasions her mother was subjected to domestic abuse at the hands of her father, who would threaten her continuously.

“My father is an alcoholic, and he is very ignorant. When he drinks, he would beat my mother very bad,” Ramjaiwan said.

She related that just before her mother had left Guyana in September to travel to New York, her father had stated that “he would kill her before she could leave.”

After leaving Guyana on a holiday visa, Baldeo reportedly was working as a cook in New York, and was expected to return in February of 2017.

Suspect: Prem Ramperssud
Suspect: Prem Ramperssud

Baldeo’s daughter expressed feelings that her father, Prem Ramperssud, had planned the killing of her mother. Her conviction was premised on the reports from neighbours- in the village where her parents lived while in Guyana- that her father Rampersaud, had told them that he was going abroad to kill his wife.

Ramjiawan tearfully recalled herself receiving the news that her mother was dead. She stated that it was one of her sisters who lived in New York that informed her of the tragedy.

According to Baldeo’s relatives, they were told that she [Baldeo] was attacked shortly after she finished her shift at the restaurant, and due to the many marks of violence about her body, speculations were that Baldeo was beaten severely before she was stabbed multiple times. Her neck was nearly decapitated, this publication heard.

Inews was also told that Rampersaud was caught red handed by two persons, while he was in the process of cutting his wife’s neck off.

Rampersaud had reportedly confronted Baldeo about a relationship he suspected she was having online with a man, and their fight subsequently escalated to the point where Baldeo lost her life.

50-year-old Prem Rampersaud was charged with the gruesome murder of his wife.


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