Damaged cane shredder responsible for Uitvlugt Estate malfunction


Following media reports that millions of dollars were lost in spoilt canes, the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) has announced that the Uitvlugt Estate was functioning again.

The Guyana Sugar Corporation disclosed yesterday that the Uitvlugt factory resumed operations on Sunday last after experiencing “technical difficulties”.

These errors related to the damage of the cane shredder or knife turbine which delayed sugar cane grinding on August 11 when the machine went out of control and 64 out of 70 knives went flying forcing workers to duck for cover.

Officials explained the damaged parts for the turbine, knife shaft and knives were sourced and “replaced speedily” while engineers claimed that all of the necessary safety checks were carried out.

It was reported that $18 million worth of sugar cane produce at the West Coast Demerara Estate was left to spoil and that senior management was probing how the Estate’s cane shredder lost control.

Reports were that some of the over 300 tonnes of sugar canes in punts were starting to smell.

Reports state that Uitvlugt management attempted to salvage the situation by producing molasses, a key ingredient in the manufacture of alcoholic beverages.

The knives which went flying are made out of carbon steel and weigh 20lbs each.

One observer recently called for a probe into the testing procedures at the Estate.


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