Dad uses $104,000 Mercedes to ram son’s BMW on busy road after family argument


dispute10n-3-webDAILY NEWS – A family argument got completely out of hand when a dad used his $104,000 Mercedes to ram his son’s BMW on a busy road — then got out and chased him on foot.

Astonishing surveillance footage shows the pair playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse on a street in Ma’anshan, China.

The two cars are seen stopping at an intersection, where the son appears to try to get his sporty car around his father’s vehicle. But his old man refuses to budge, driving next to his offspring and eventually ramming into his side.

The terrified son then gets out of the car and runs off down the road — with his father behind him in hot pursuit.

ITN reports that their abandoned cars had to be moved by cops and both may now face charges of dangerous driving.