Da Silva wins GNRA pistol shoot competition



GNRA3[www.inewsguyana.com] – Dr. Johan DaSilva came out victorious in the Practical Pistol Shoot which concluded on Sunday, May 18 at the Timehri ranges in another display of excellent marksmanship in the event organized by the small bore section of the Guyana National Rifle Association (GNRA).

The programme consisted of three stages of different scenarios for the best overall points. All the course details included movement in the shortest time with the best hits on targets.

Dr. DaSilva won the second stage. Second position went to David Dharry, who won the first stage and was second in stage two while Ray Beharry finished third following his second place at stages two and three.GNRA2

Ryan McKinnon placed third at stages one and three while Vidushi Persaud finished third at stage one.

However, the results are as follow Stage 1: 1st – David Dharry, 2nd – Ray Beharry and 3rd – Ryan Mckinnon

Stage 2: 1st – Johan DaSilva, 2nd – David Dharry and 3rd – Vidushi Persaud

Stage 3: 1st – Azaad Hassan, 2nd – Johan DaSilva and 3rd – Ryan Mckinnon

And in the overall competition: 1st – Johan DaSilva, 2nd – David Dharry and 3rd – Ray Beharry

The next competition will be the Precision Pistol match on May 24th at the T.S.U. range .



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