‘D’ Division joins in observing Police Force anniversary



By Leroy Smith

D 2[www.inewsguyana.com] – While not relaxing the security posture within the division, ranks of the Police D Division on Wednesday joined their Commander, Ian Amsterdam and other senior ranks as they commenced their divisional activities to mark the 175th anniversary of the Guyana Police Force.

A religious ceremony was held at the Leonora Recreational Facility, West Coast Demerara where the message of the day spoke to the need for spiritual involvement and collaboration within the Force.

Reverend Miggins who officiated at the church service called on the police to understand that while they are responsible for the physical security and protection of the citizenry, there is also the need for the spiritual protection and that is where the religious bodies play a part.D 1

Commander Amsterdam during an interview with iNews said the event was indeed one which pleased and blessed the hearts of the ranks drawn from the various subdivisions within the division.

He also spoke of several other activities which are planned to mark the anniversary at the divisional level, which will complement ongoing activities

At the moment, the Division is preparing to launch the C-Pets project and competitions between the police and community policing. A career fair is also planned for Friday at the Patentia Secondary School and come next week Thursday there will be the launching of the Neighborhood Project at the Tuschen car park.




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