Cyclist killed in Grove accident


An unidentified pedal cyclist was struck down and killed in front of a popular sports bar at the School Street junction of Grove, East Bank Demerara at about 15:45hrs on Wednesday.

This mark indicates where the cyclist had been struck down

Reports are that the driver of hire car HC 3809 was proceeding north on the western side of the highway in the direction of Georgetown when he allegedly swerved from a minibus and crashed into the pedal cyclist, who was in the process of crossing the road from the western side to the eastern walkway.

When this publication visited the scene, the body of the dead cyclist had already been taken to the nearby Diamond Diagnostic Centre.

The driver of the car, apparently devastated and in shock from the accident, lay in the yard of the Diamond Hospital, too distraught to speak to media operatives.

He nevertheless disclosed that he had felt the impact of the hit, but did not know that he had hit the cyclist. He related that it was only when he was asked if he had hit the minibus that it dawned on him that he had struck down the cyclist.

He has since been taken into Police custody as investigations continue.


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