Cyclist killed by speeding Policeman – at Rosignol


A West Bank Berbice (WBB) man was killed on Saturday evening after he was struck down by a speeding police officer on the Rosignol Public Road.
The dead man has been identified as 43-year-old Damon Baron, a minibus driver, of Rosignol Village, WBB.

INews understands that the accident occurred around 18:50h.
According to reports, a police constable, attached to the Fort Wellington Police Station, was proceeding south along the eastern carriageway in motor car PWW 5999, allegedly at a fast pace, when the vehicle collided with the rear of Baron’s bicycle.

Dead: Damon Baron

As a result of the impact, the cyclist fell onto the roadway and sustained injuries. He was subsequently picked up by the rank and rushed to the New Amsterdam Hospital in an unconscious state.
Baron was treated and later transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital for further treatment. However, he succumbed to his injuries around 06:45h Sunday.
Family members, who were at the New Amsterdam Hospital on Saturday evening, related to this newspaper that the man had just parked his bus and was riding his bicycle when he was hit.
They related that after receiving news of the accident, they rushed to the scene and saw Baron lying on the Public Road in a pool of blood. According to family members, shortly after a police pick-up arrived and took the injured man to the hospital.
It was alleged that the Police rank had left the scene after hitting Baron, but returned about 10 minutes after and then transported him to the medical facility.
Hospital sources say that the man suffered injuries to the head.
Meanwhile, the Police Force said that the officer, who was driving his personal vehicle at the time of the accident, was taken into custody where a breathalyser test was conducted on him, but no trace of alcohol was found.
The rank remains in Police custody assisting with the investigation.


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