Cuyuni miner kills Venezuelan after intervening in domestic spat


A Venezuelan, identified as Rafael Angel Gonzales Prieto, 27, was stabbed to death by a gold miner on Saturday at around 01:50h after he was allegedly assaulting his girlfriend at Black Water Backdam, Cuyuni.

INews understands that the girlfriend, identified as a 32-year-old Venezuela national was dancing with a Brazilian in a restaurant and bar when the suspect attacked her and threw her to the ground.

Prieto reportedly whipped out a knife, sat on the woman’s chest and was in the process of cutting off her hair.

The miner who was observing what was transpiring attacked the woman’s boyfriend and dealt him several stabs, one of which reportedly caused his intestines to protrude from his abdomen.

The man then escaped.

The victim’s body was left laying at the scene and was later taken to the Enteringbang Landing where it is currently awaiting a post mortem examination.

The suspect, a resident of East Bank Demerara is being sought as Police are investigating the matter.



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