Cutlass-wielding bandits nabbed after robbing foreigners


Moments after attacking and robbing two foreign nationals in Georgetown on Sunday morning, the two perpetrators were nabbed by Police who gave chase.

The cutlass-wielding duo had relieved the Spanish-speaking nationals of their cellular phones along with important documents.

However, while trying to escape, the two suspects were pursued by ranks of the Guyana Police Force (GPF), who were on bicycles and foot. After a lengthy chase, the two men were eventually apprehended.

Reports are that around 09:50h at Longden Street, Georgetown, the two foreigners were walking when they were confronted by the bandits who executed the robbery.

According to the police, during the pursuit, one of the suspects aggressively attacked an armed rank with the cutlass he had in his possession.

The suspect reportedly fired several chops in the policeman’s direction but was unsuccessful in harming the cop. As a result, the officer who had repeatedly warned the man to put down his weapon discharged a warning shot in the air from his service revolver.

The two men were taken to the police station where they remain in Police custody pending investigations. The cutlasses have also been retrieved and were lodged at the police station as well.

Meanwhile, the stolen items were not recovered.