Cummings Lodge teen found


By Jomo Paul

Ruth Lall

[] – Eight days before her 16th Birthday, Ruth Lall is expected to be reunited with her family sometime tomorrow after she went missing from her home in Cummings Lodge on Wednesday morning.

This was confirmed by the teen’s mother, who told iNews that she received word from her daughter at approximately 10:15 hrs on Saturday, February 07.

The mother told iNews that the teenager related to her that she was frustrated and sought some relief by travelling to Berbice to spend some time with a female friend.

The mother told iNews that the daughter is expected to be home by Sunday, February 08. Meanwhile, the missing girl’s sister had continued her search on social media, speculating that the young lady may have travelled to Suriname.

“Ruth was planning to go to Suriname and since she doesn’t have a passport I guess she will go back track,” said Shelly Lall in a Facebook post.

In another post she said, “I get so mad cause each day that goes by is another day that she goes further away from us and closer to ruining the rest of her life and being in danger.”

iNews will provide an update when the teen has been reunited with her family.




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