Cuban nationals fined, to be deported after entering Guyana illegally


Four adult Cuban nationals and a baby who were busted while entering Guyana illegally have been charged and ordered deported.

Amouri Roden Roboina, Yuriesqui Pena Lledis, Yonisleydis Cedeno Blanco and Erneydys Rodriguez Gomez were charged for illegal entry after they reportedly entered Guyana via Springlands, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) on August 5 without the consent of an immigration officer.

After the defendants admitted to the offence at the Springlands Magistrate’s Court, Magistrate Alex Moore told them they had an option of paying a $20,000 fine each or serving a three-week jail sentence.

The Cubans used a Police interpreter to tell the court that they were going to pay the fines. In addition, Magistrate Moore ordered that they be deported to their last lawful port of entry.

The illegal entry of foreign nationals into Guyana has become a worrying concern for authorities in Region Six amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to police, 24 foreign nationals have entered the country illegally using the Corentyne River for the month of August thus far.

There are more than two dozen entry points stretching from Crabwood Creek to Port Mourant which is about a forty-mile stretch making it difficult for Police to stem illegal entry into Guyana.
More so, since the borders have been closed as part of COVID-19 measures, the immigrants have been travelling by night.