Cuban couple charged for overstaying, will be deported

Juan Carlos Perez and his wife will be escorted to the nearest port of exit

A spanish speaking couple who left their home soil in hopes of securing a better life for their family, were on Thursday morning arraigned before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan, shortly after being nabbed by Police ranks at Mabura, Region Ten (Upper Demerara- Upper Berbice).

An interpreter attached to Custom Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU), took to the witness box to translate their charge which read that Diaz Rodriguez and Juan Carlos Perez failed to comply with the conditions of their permits which had been granted. Having been permitted to stay in November 18 2016 to December 19, 2016; they overstayed the said period.

The unrepresented pair admitted to the offence; both entering into guilty pleas.

Prosecutor Arvin Moore related that the couple entered the country through CJIA; issuing Republic of Cuba passports to immigration officials and were granted a one month stay.

He continued that the period would’ve lapsed and this was discovered when their documents were checked by officials at the Mabura Police Check Point.

Rodriguez and Perez were then told of the offences and transported to Central Immigration Office in Georgetown, after which they were escorted to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Headquarters where they were charged accordingly.

Perez told the court that he is a 47-year-old Civil Engineer by profession and had come to Guyana in light of the current hardships of Cuba.

He explained that he and his wife pooled all their resources and came with nothing but good intentions; only seeking employment to support his ailing mother and three young daughters back at home. A sobbing Perez apologized for his actions and begged the Magistrate for forgiveness, even requesting her worship to find him gainful employment so he can continue to maintain his family.

His 33-year-old wife is reportedly a nurse back in Cuba and was employed at a local Chinese shop during her stay in the jurisdiction.  The remorseful woman disclosed that her wish was not to be deported, as Cuba holds “nothing good” for them. She pleaded with the Chief Magistrate to allow them to continue to stay and work in Guyana.

The visibly distressed couple were ordered to pay a fine of $30,000 each, or serve a default of four weeks imprisonment after which they will be escorted to the nearest port of exit.


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