CSEC TOP STUDENTS: “I always knew I had potential” – Samuel Haynes

Samuel Haynes (center)
Samuel Haynes (center)

Samuel Haynes, 16, of Queen’s College is among the country’s top five performers of the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) Examination.

He gained fourth place with 18 Grade Ones.
Haynes was overly proud of his accomplishment, noting that his hard work over the years has paid off.

Liiving all the way in Buxton on the East Coast of Demerara meant travelling an extra long commute to school every day but he persevered and even took extra lessons to boost his capabilities.

“I grew up all my life in Buxton and indeed, I always knew I had the potential to do great things with the help of God but this is truly a surprise and sigh of relief,” he said.

“I’m very ecstatic about being a top performer.”

He thanked his family and teachers for their  support throughout his high school life.

The young man also attributed his success to discipline.

“It called for a lot of organisation and discipline. Work related things were done at nights and then studies or anything related to retaining was done in the mornings when I could focus. Of course, these routines shifted according to certain circumstances.” (By Rupa Seenaraine)