Crime Chief “cleared of criminal conduct” – Top Cop


Crime Chief Lyndon Alves, who was sent on administrative leave over corruption allegations, has been cleared of criminal conduct.

This is according to Police Commissioner Leslie James.

“What I can say to you is that the investigation has been completed. And I have obtained a file and in terms of criminal conduct, Mr. Alves has been cleared,” the Top Cop told reporters Friday.

“Internally, administratively there are some other issues that we are dealing with and that is the final position. But criminal conduct, he has been cleared of any criminal conduct,” Commissioner James said.

Asked whether Alves will be returning to his post, the Police Commissioner said: “I did not say that. Did I say that? I said that there are some other administrative issues that we are dealing with and that is going to be dealt with shortly.”

According to reports, Alves was suspended from duties to facilitate the probe into allegations of corruption levelled against him.

Ranks in Berbice blew the whistle on alleged corruption by the Crime Chief and claimed that he was shielding a few junior rogue ranks who have been linked to criminals.

Allegations have stemmed against a Lance Corporal detective in Berbice of being linked to the criminal network in the region.

This was revealed after the rank’s cell phone number was discovered in the phone of now dead criminal Kelvin ‘Kelly’ Shivgobin, who was shot and killed in the back lands of Black Bush Polder during a shootout with the police.

It was alleged that the rank was being protected by Alves, who had previously headed the Berbice division.