Crane woman murdered by husband, daughter tied to chair

Rawlins' body being removed from the scene.


By Leroy Smith

Dead: Candy Rawlins
Dead: Candy Rawlins

[] – Thirty –Year – old Candy Rawlins of Lot 4 Crane Housing Scheme, West Coast Demerara was found dead this morning [July 18], by her 11 – year – old daughter.

iNews understands that the child was tied to a chair by her stepfather – a construction worker – while he committed the gruesome act. Reports indicate that the couple has been married for some three years.

Investigators removed a blood stained knife and several pieces of duct tape from the scene of the murder.

The child reportedly told relatives that her stepfather, Vider Rawlins tied her up and then proceeded to do the same to her mother in another room. She further noted that the man beat her mother and then slit her throat, after which he packed his working bag and calmly walked out of the house, leaving her tied to the chair and her mother bleeding to death.

Rawlins' body being removed from the scene.
Rawlins’ body being removed from the scene.

Residents recalled seeing the man leaving in a taxi. Meanwhile, iNews understands that the man left a suicide note next to the dead woman’s body stating that by the time he is found, he would be dead.

Persons in the area said that since the two married, there have been numerous fights between them, It is not clear if the two had any altercation prior to the incident.



  1. male murderers gone hog wild in Guyana with no let up in sight..maybe something is terribly wrong in a nice way in the judicial system the reason murderers and bandits are not afraid of. RIP Candy


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