Crabwood Creek Murder…over US$15,000 that was hidden in house recovered


The wife of the late Khuball Gomes of ‘Grant 1651’ Crabwood Creek, Berbice who was brutally murdered last Tuesday night, has returned from her trip to Suriname and was able to recover over $3M in foreign currency which was hidden by her husband in their house.

Man found dead in hammock
Man found dead in hammock

However, hundreds of thousands of Guyanese dollars are still said to be unaccounted for and it is believed that the person(s) who killed Gomes stole the local currency before escaping.

According to a source, the woman had left for Suriname about two weeks before her husband’s murder and the couple had ‘stashed away’ the cash at a secret location which only she and her husband knew about.

The Guyana currency notes had been stored in a different location for ‘safe keeping’.

Meanwhile, the son of the now dead man has also returned from the United States of America (USA) upon learning that his father had been killed in their Berbice home.

INews was told that police ranks believe that the killer/bandit is someone close to the family since only certain persons would have known that Gomes had a large sum of money in his possession at the time of the robbery/murder.

With this latest revelation in the case, law enforcement officials are one step closer in apprehending the perpetrator for both robbery and murder, a police source told INews.

“The police there are still following leads and are working assiduously in hoping to solve this case. It is looking like someone who knows him personally; given the information that investigators received so far…he didn’t necessarily have to let the person in though, because his back fence is like two feet high and anyone could have jumped over it to get access to his yard and house very easily,” the police rank said.

On Tuesday night, the nephew-in-law of Gomes discovered the 78-year-old man inside of his hammock with two visible wounds to his head.

He had appeared to have been strangled and his house was ransacked.

INews understands that the murder took place between 18:30hrs and 21:30hrs when the man was alone at his home.




  1. Greed , Jealousess , Envy have taken over the souls of some people. They want easy money. Some People make sacrifices live a simple and humble life while some sacrifice people so they can live a big lifestyle.


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