Crabwood Creek man ‘disappears’ during fishing expedition

  • three in custody

A labourer of Crabwood Creek, Upper Corentyne is feared dead after he went on a fishing expedition on Sunday and never returned.

The three others who were with him at the time are in police custody.

The missing father of two has been identified as 52-year-old Karamchand Parbudyal of Grant 1651 Crabwood Creek.

According to reports, the labourer and his three friends were at Calabash Creek situated along the Corentyne River fishing when he allegedly disappeared.

MISSING: 52-year-old Karamchand Parbudyal

According to his wife, Nagwattee Parbhudyal, 56, he left home at about 9:00h to go and have a drink with friends and at about 13:00h three men came and told the family that they were out fishing and they could not give an account for him.

Nagwattee explained that she was called out of her house by the three men whose names she provided to this publication, and told that as they were putting down their fishing hooks at Calabash Creek, her husband stayed about one hundred feet behind and when the others looked around he was nowhere to be seen.

The men reported that they searched for a while and then decided to report the incident to the family.

Meanwhile, the man’s daughter, Tanuja Parbudyal also called ‘Vidya’ told this publication that the three men reported to her mother that they searched for about thirty minutes before leaving to report to the missing man’s family. “But when they talk to me they tell me that they search about three-hours.”

Following the visit to the home a search party which included the three suspects, several family members and Tanuja went to Calabash Creek.

According to her, from her observations at the time, the tide would have been low and the water would have been at her father’s waist. “My father is a good swimmer and he can’t drown in that water…,” she contended.

Police arrested the three men after the daughter reported the incident on Saturday evening. This was after several family members and the trio went back to the area.

Police were in search of the missing man on Sunday and again on Monday. However, it was only on Monday’s trip that they took one of the suspects with them.

The investigation continues. (Andrew Carmichael)



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