Crabwood Creek fire, suspected to be arson, leaves family homeless


On New Year’s Day, residents watched helplessly as a man allegedly set fire to the house he and his family lived in. The man’s three children ages nine, four and 18 months are now homeless.

Shaneeza Persaud and her three children

According to Shaneeza Persaud, her husband Shazam Silvanish had accused her of having an affair with one of his cousins. She explained that Silvanish was very abusive and had not been supporting the family as he should.

The 27-year-old woman told this publication that during the Christmas holidays after the accusations were made, Silvanish called his cousin and informed him of his suspicions. He then allegedly told the cousin to take the woman and her three children.

Persaud said she took her children and went to her husband’s cousin’s home but his aunt took her back to her husband a few days after.

On New Year’s morning, after Persaud invited the cousin for a drink, he sent his wife away again. However, before they left, there was an altercation between Silvansh and his cousin which escalated into a fight.

Persaud told this publication that as they were on their way and she looked back, she saw fire coming from the building and ran back to save her documents but it was too late.

The man, after allegedly setting the house on fire, fled the scene immediately after.

The Police have been on the hunt for the suspect.

Meanwhile, Persaud and her children have since been living with her mother, also in Crabwood Creek.

The unemployed woman is asking the public to assist her children to be able to go out to school next week. She can be contacted on telephone number 603-9703.


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