Crab catchers found alive in Suriname


The four crab catchers who were reported missing after going on a crab-catching expedition in neighbouring Suriname have been found alive.

The police were asked to get involved after relatives made reports that the men were missing while their boat was found abandoned.

The crew of four crab catchers had been away for one week when relatives went in search of them. They were initially expected back in two days.

They left the shores of Guyana on December 1, for Nickerie, Suriname, and were expected back the following day.

The men, Yogeshwar Mangal, also called “Boyo”, of Number Two Village East Canje, Nelson Dejonge, 22, of Fort Ordnance Housing Scheme, Ramdat Goonraj also called “Azad”, 23, of Rose Hall Town and Anand Deoharry of Cumberland, East Canje, were found on Monday morning.

Based on information received, the men ran out of food supplies and went in search of same, leaving the boat behind. The boat, however, reportedly drifted due to the high waters.

Mangal and Dejonge, nevertheless, were able to get help for the other two, who had given up on the walk and decided to camp out in the mosquito-infested bushes.

According to Mangal, as they moved towards Nickerie in the dark, they met a man and were able to get a telephone call from him.

Help arrived on Monday morning and the crab catchers were later transported across the border later in the day.

Dejonge related that this was the second time he had such an experience. His first trip to Suriname, he recalled, created problems for the crew some three years ago.

According to the crab catchers, the trips would normally last about two days and would see them taking home about $60,000 each. Despite the ordeal, the men stated that they will continue to ply their trade.