Covid vaccine uptake in Region Ten still lagging; Region Four in the lead


Region Ten (Upper Demerara-Berbice) ha the lowest vaccination rate in the country, with only 9.1% of that region’s adult population being fully immunised.

This is in stark contrast to Region Four (Demerara-Mahaica) whereby 32.7% of the adult population has received both jabs of a vaccine.

According to Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony, Region Ten has the lowest vaccination rate whereas Region Four is in the lead. The other regions, he said, are performing reasonably.

In total, 257,384 persons have taken a first dose vaccine, representing 52.9% of the adult population whereas 142,691 are fully inoculated, representing 29.3%.

The Health Minister noted that the government intends to launch an aggressive campaign, especially in far-flung areas, to deal with vaccine hesitancy.

“Within the regions, there are pockets of villages or areas where people are very hesitant, so, we have identified those spots and, in some instances, we have done studies within those particular communities to understand what are the myths circulating, why is it that they are hesitant and then try to customise an approach of how to get people to take the vaccines,” he explained.