Covid: Many regions not testing enough – Dr Anthony


Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony today lamented that many of the administrative regions across the country are not conducting enough testing for Covid-19.

This, he explained, has resulted in an inaccurate representation of the prevalence of the virus in the country.

“In Region One, Region Six, Region Five, Region Seven, region Eight, region Nine and region Ten, they can do much more testing, but they’re not testing as much,” the Minister stated.

As of September 29, Region One had 1,433 cases, Region Two had 1,022, Region Three had 3,745, Region Four had 14,070, Region Five had 1,029, Region Six had 2,211, Region Seven had 1,533, Region Eight had 484, Region Nine had 2,304 and Region Ten had 1,721.

According to Health Minister, Region Three is seeing a steady rise in active cases with hotspots in Tuschen, Parfaite Harmonie and Poudroyen.

For Region Four, the hotspots are Diamond and Grove on the East Bank; Mon Repos and Haslington on the East Coast; and Kitty and Sophia in Georgetown.

To date, 346,529 adults have received a first dose of the Covid vaccine representing 67.6% of adult population whereas 179,115 are fully vaccinated.

For children, 20,136 have received their first doses of the vaccine. Some children are eligible for their second doses which will be rolled out this week.