COVID-19 vaccination still lagging behind in some regions


Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony says while over 157, 000 people have received their first dose of the vaccine to prevent transmission of COVID-19, he is concerned that immunisation in some regions is still lagging behind.

Dr. Anthony said vaccinations in Upper Demerara-Berbice (Region 10) and Potaro-Siparuni (Region 8) trail behind the other regions, in his COVID-19 update on Tuesday.

“There are lots of differences. So, for the first vaccination, we still have Region 10 being the lowest at 9.3 per cent, followed by Region Eight at about 18.8 per cent.

We also have on the high-end Region Six at 38.9 per cent, which is good and really, we want in all the regions. So, we have to work very hard to get people to understand the importance of getting their vaccines,” he said.

Dr. Anthony noted that as of Monday evening, 157,797 persons have been immunised against Covid.

“That would approximately be about 32.4 per cent of our adult population. So, it means really, that we still have a far way to go if we are going to get to herd immunity.

At the same time, we have also been able to administer 13,010 doses as second dose for people, and so those 13,010 persons can be considered to be fully immunised,” he said.

Minister Anthony continues to appeal to all Guyanese 18 years and older to get vaccinated to protect themselves and families from contracting a severe form of Covid. He also reminded persons who are due to receive their second doses to get their vaccine.

“We have to do a lot more work, not only the Ministry of Health, but all the persons with influence in Region 10, and in other regions as well, to talk to people, to encourage them to get vaccines because by doing that, we are going to protect people and we are going to save lives.”

On Monday, Guyana’s vaccination campaign was enhanced with the arrival of 38,400 doses of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine. The vaccines were made available through the COVAX facility.