Covid-19 Task Force to write businesses about flouting national guidelines


Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony today contended that more businesses need to comply with the national Covid-19 measures, noting that the Task Force will be reaching out to those defaulting enterprises to ensure compliance with the guidelines.

“We have to get more businesses to comply. The Task Force would be writing to some of these businesses to ensure that we have stronger enforcement of the guidelines because they are many big businesses that are not asking people for their vaccination status, not checking for it and therefore there’s a free for all in those businesses. People are just walking in out and that’s not what the order is calling for,” the Minister contended.

He warned that unless people comply with the guidelines, cases are going to continue to rise.

“I think its important that we get the private sector, the business owners…if everybody play their part, we are going to have a safer Guyana.”

“There are still too many persons, too many entities that aren’t playing that role and I really want to appeal to them if have not been doing so, if they can put the measures in place to make sure they are one of the complying businesses,” Dr Anthony added.

Over the last 24-hours, Guyana recorded 106 new cases which takes the total number of active cases to 4106.

Currently, 119 cases are in hospitals, with 31 in the ICU, as well as nine maternal cases.

So far, 361,626 adults have received their first dose of a Covid vaccine which represents 70.5 per cent of the adult population, while 209,506 have been fully vaccinated.

For children, 24,939 or 34.2 per cent of persons within the ages of 12 to 17 have received a first dose of the Pfizer vaccine while 12,762 or 17.5 per cent being fully vaccinated.

Total vaccines administered in Guyana is 608,833 doses.