Court to decide on retrial or sentencing for Hinds Jr

Samuel Hinds Jr
Samuel Hinds Jr
Samuel Hinds Jr

[] – Magistrate Annette Singh is slated to make a final decision on April 17 as to whether Samuel Hinds Jr will be sentenced or granted a retrial for the offence of unlawful wounding.

During his appearance at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday, April 08, Police Prosecutor, Renetta Bentham stated that the issue is whether the guilty verdict by the previous Magistrate is a final adjudication.

Hinds Jr’s Attorney, Peter Hugh presented to the Court that his client pleaded not guilty to the offence and was convicted following a trial, therefore he cannot be tried twice for one offence.

Hinds Jr is the son of Prime Minister, Samuel Hinds; he was found guilty of unlawful wounding on February 06, by former Magistrate Geeta Chandan – Edmond, who was fired by the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) on the very day that she was scheduled to sentence Hinds Jr.

It is alleged that the 33 – year – old miner of Lot 83 Duke Street, Kingston, Georgetown, wounded his teenaged sister-in-law Tenza Layne, after accusing her of stealing his phone. He is currently out on bail pending the Court’s decision.

He was scheduled to be sentenced by the former Magistrate on February 20.



  1. any other dude charged for the same offense would have been in jail long ago…the system is stacked to favor just a—few—-well to do….

  2. Because want to make a mountain out of a molehill always claiming corruption. It’s the only song the can sing

  3. I have seen other persons were found guilty of an offense and the magistrate demitted the bench without sentencing and the next magistrate that sat on the bench sentence the defendant, so what the big issue here ?


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