Court issues summons for Lowenfield after ducking service of private criminal charges

Attorney Glenn Hanoman along with Desmond Morian and Dr Josh Kanhai who brought the private criminal charges against CEO Keith Lowenfield

The Georgetown Magistrates’ Court this morning issued a summons for embattled Chief Elections Officer Keith Lowenfield to be served and appear before the court on July 24.

During the hearing this morning, Desmond Morian and Dr Daniel Josh Kanhai, who brought the private criminal charges of “Misconduct in Public Office contrary to the Common Law” against the CEO, swore to the truth of the charges.

According to Attorney Glen Hanoman, all “diligent attempts” to serve Lowenfield was unsuccessful. Hence, the court agreed to summon him.

The lawyer explained that the security officials, including the police, at the CEO’s various locations – his office and homes – were “unhelpful” in getting him served.

“So we’re going to try again using the police to serve Mr. Lowenfield and hopefully the police that is protecting him will now facilitate that process,” the lawyer said.

Hanoman noted that additional charges are likely to be made by other persons.