Court finds GGMC wronged BK Contractor in award of $385M contract

Managing Director of BK International Brian Tiwari
Managing Director of BK International Brian Tiwari

[]At a time when a section of the media accuses the government of favouring BK International Company, the High Court has ruled last week that a government agency was unfair in the treatment of the contracting company.

BK recently moved to the court challenging the award of a hinterland road contract by the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment.

The contract valued $385 million is for the rehabilitation of the vital mining artery at Aremu, Region Seven.

BK International won the legal battle against the GGMC over the award of the said contract to CB&R Mining owned by Chenulall Babulall where on Thursday, acting Chief Justice Ian Chang quashed the GGMC’s decision to award a $385 million contract to CB&R Mining for the construction of the road.

iNews understands that the contract between GGMC and CB&R was terminated on the grounds that the award was made in violation of the provisions of the Procurement Act 2003.

According to BK International, “the Chief Justice in his ruling said that having regards to the statutory underpinning to the award of the contract, the court had jurisdiction to enquire into the award of the contract.”

Additionally, the court found that CB&R Mining did not act in compliance with the requirements established in the Procurement Act, nor did it provide any evidence of its legal status.

Meanwhile, the  Court  subsequently ordered that the award of the contract to CB&R Mining be set aside, noting that GGMC should award the contract to the most qualified bidder.

BK recently has been complaining of being targeted by certain government agencies and receiving unfair treatment.



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