Court Cashier convicted of stealing over $3M; Plans to appeal

Tiffany Peters. [iNews' Photo]


Tiffany Peters. [iNews' Photo]
Tiffany Peters. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – A 24 – year -old Georgetown Magistrates’ Court cashier, who was on the run for over a year for allegedly stealing from the Court’s Maintenance Department was today sentenced to 60 months imprisonment by Magistrate Judy Latchman.

The Court heard that Tiffany Peters, during the period February 7, 2012 – September 11, 2012, in Georgetown, being employed as a Clerk at the court, stole $3,045,000, property of the State.

Peters, of Garden of Eden, East Bank Demerara, was employed as a cashier in the Court’s maintenance section and her duties entailed writing up maintenance/affiliation cards and cash composition books, as well as collecting cash from persons.

It is the prosecution’s case that during the period mentioned in the charge, Peters made changes to receipts and records and stole the aforementioned sum of cash from her employer.

After being on the run, she was caught during a police sting operation. The trial was prosecuted by Police Sergeant, Vishnu Hunt, during which a number of witnesses inclusive of Clerks, Supervisors and the Principal Clerk of the Court testified.

Peters’ Lawyer, Adrian Thompson informed the Court via an oral notice that his client plans to appeal the conviction and requested that she be placed on a suspended sentence.



  1. she greedy bad..she acted alone coz dat amount is like peanuts to her. imagine they are hired as traffic police and put them on the road with radar guns to clock speed..only certain motorists are being pulled over..those certain motorists is clocked going 1KM over the speed limit..those certain motorists either pay the 1000 or they are told to drive to a police station where they will spend the rest of the day only to be told by another criminal copper go home

  2. they r hired n they keep teefin..then wen they r not hired they claim marginalization discrimination and they cry gvt dont provide jobs for them it in their nature for some folks to teef despite having good paying jobs..u tell me its ur peepol..

  3. On and on, never stops.
    These people have good jobs yet steals.
    Dishonest and ungodly.
    Bite the hand that feeds you.

  4. If the is true and proven the she should do the time. When you are entrusted with such responsibility you should be able to stand up and be an example. there are so many young people that are looking for a good job and cannot find. “Do the crime do the time”


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