Friends on a date robbed at gunpoint near Ogle seawall

  • cash, jewellery, vehicle stolen

Police are investigating a possible “set up” on Tuesday evening which resulted in over a million dollars in cash and valuables, as well as a new model white Toyota Raum vehicle being stolen at gun point while a couple were on a date at the Ogle seawall, East Coast Demerara.

The two victims were identified as 41-year old Jeanine Odel, a hairdresser of  8th street West Half Paradise, East Coast Demerara and Declon Pierre, 41, an overseas based Guyanese and of Lot 161 Atlantic Gardens, East Coast Demerara.

Based  on information received, at around 22:45h, while the two were on their way home from a date, Pierre told Odel – who is the owner and driver of PNN 3885 – that he wanted to urinate. As such, the woman pulled into a corner on the Ogle seawall and he exited the vehicle.

However, shortly after, three men, two of whom were armed with hand guns – approached Odel and while holding a gun to her head, demanded that she turn over her rings (3 gold and diamond rings). After she complied, one of the men pulled her out of her motor vehicle and they (perpetrators) drove away with it.

Police reports indicate that at no time was Pierre pounced on by the men.

The duo then made their way to the Sparendam Police Station on foot, where they lodged their report.

Odel lost her rings valued at GYD$800,000, one HP laptop valued at GYD$120,000, one Samsung S7 mobile phone which costs $140,000, a GYD$49,000 gold chain, US$1,000 and her GYD$2,600,000 Raum.

Pierre, as a result of leaving his belongings in the motor car, lost US$3,700.

Investigations are ongoing.




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