Couple attacked, injured for helping woman leave abusive relationship

Fazeena Ramcharran

A Port Mourant, Corentyne, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) couple was on Wednesday injured at the hands of a man, who has been abusive to his ex-lover.

The couple, Kilawatia Singh and Sookdeo Singh of Ankerville Port Mourant had rescued their neighbour Fazeena Ramcharran 39, after she walked out of an abusive relationship.

Ramcharran had moved in with her neighbours and had been living there for several weeks after her now ex-partner threatened to kill her.

On Wednesday evening, Kilawatia was at the lower flat of her house, in her hammock with her husband when Ramcharran’s ex-partner barged into her premises and began chopping her about her body.

The man accused the couple of ‘interfering’ in the couple’s ‘domestic affair’.

Kilawatia received injuries to her right-side upper arm, fingers, left side hip, buttocks, and right foot while her husband, who attempted to protect, her receive chops to both hands.

The suspect then made good his escape. The couple was treated at the Port Mourant Public Hospital.

Meanwhile, Ramcharran who was also present on the lower flat of the building said after she recognised her ex-partner entering the yard, she jumped over a fence and went into hiding.

Meanwhile, the couple told this publication that it was not the first the man had come to their premises. They said despite the threats which they reported to the Whim Police Station, not much help has been forthcoming from the police.

Ramcharran, mother of six, and the suspect had been in a relationship for 14 months but she ended it.

“Exactly every day he ah come around, he ah curse, he a threaten me say he go murder me,” Ramcharran said.

She had gotten a restraining order dated April 21, 2022, restraining her ex-partner from being within 50ft of her.

“I feel very scared. I feel very confused. No police taking action against him,” the woman said.