Counting interrupted at workstation 8; everyone screened for COVID-19


A ballot box during the recount. [Photo taken from Facebook Page of Shaz Ally]
Counting was interrupted earlier today (Tuesday) at Work Station 8 to allow for persons to be screened for COVID-19 after a report was made that an agent involved in the exercise was coughing.

INews understands that following the discussions surrounding issues in relation to the Observation Reports, agents at Workstation 8 were asked to stay back as a report was made that an APNU/AFC agent was showing signs of COVID-19.

The doctors on site then proceeded to carry out their screening exercises of everyone at the station.

A source told INews that the screening involved listening to persons’ breathing via stethoscope and taking their  temperature. Their medical history and other personal details were also taken.

The source related that the APNU/AFC agents accused the PPP agents of making the medical report. But the source insisted that the PPP never made such a report.

Over the past few days, several stakeholders have accused the APNU/AFC Coalition of using various methods to delay and frustrate the recount process in their push to discredit the March 2 polls.