Councillor calls for Town Clerk to be fired


Georgetown Constituency Six Councillor Andrea Marks on Tuesday convened a silent protest in the midst of an ongoing statutory meeting, calling for Town Clerk Royston King to be booted.

Marks held up placards which read “Royston King must go!” and “Has Royston taken up from where Sooba left off?” as the Mayor and other Councillors were discussing city matters. Her protest comes on the heels of the Town Clerk’s decision to have vendors on Robb Street near Bourda Market cease selling because of a clean-up exercise without any prior notice.

Councillor Andrea Marks protesting in the midst of the statutory meeting
Councillor Andrea Marks protesting in the midst of the Statutory Meeting

“I’m upset that he didn’t give these vendors any notice, especially those from my constituency. If we were given notice, there wouldn’t be a need to kick up a storm, but is the manner in which he is doing things. He needs to remember he is not the boss,” Marks said.

She stated if the vendors were given notice, they would have been able to prepare themselves for the exercise. “Those people had perishable goods, all spoil because King just did what he felt like doing,” she said, adding that he should be given the boot for his “stupid” attitude.

“He has to go, because he is lying too much and he is making the same mistake over and over,” she said, noting that King acted on his own accord and did not even inform the Councillors of his decision.

Vendors had stated that the Town Clerk, along with City Constabulary Officers, turned up and ordered everyone to remove their stalls and goods and vehicles from the area.

The vendors griped that they had suffered hundreds of thousands in losses, since most of their merchandise was perishable.





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