“Corrupt, disrespectful & lazy police ranks will be weeded out” – Commander Hicken


By Leroy Smith

Assistant Commissioner of Police and Commander of the ‘A’ Division, Clifton Hicken during one of his inspections. [iNews' Photo]
Assistant Commissioner of Police and Commander of the ‘A’ Division, Clifton Hicken during one of his inspections. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Assistant Commissioner of Police and Commander of the ‘A’ Division, Clifton Hicken has made it clear that disrespectful, corrupt and lazy ranks will be weeded out from the Guyana Police Force.

Hicken gave the stern warning while carrying out the traditional half yearly Commander’s inspection at all police stations within his division. The Diamond, Grove, East Ruimveldt, East La Penitence, Kitty, Alberttown and Timehri police stations were inspected, along with others.

“As of now no minibus is to be emptied unless there is an accident or some emergency in terms of drugs or guns found inside the vehicle. Do not inconvenience the members of the public because you have the authority to do so. Minibus drivers and conductors can be summoned. Summon them to court, success rate is not by the number of people at stations, it’s counted by the number of successful prosecutions you have at the courts,” Hicken said.Hicken 2

Issues including dress code, interaction with civilians, adherence to the GPF SOP, punctuality, rouge cops, records management, unauthorized dissemination of information, domestic violence, care of state assets, abuse of power and corruption were all addressed by Commander Hicken.

“You have no authority to tell members of the public that you do not have transportation and it’s only one police working… there is a SOP in the division where you come to the duty officer and the duty officer will send the closest patrol because we always have patrols in the communities and station districts so for you to tell members of the public that you do not have resources and vehicle, is very disrespectful to the members of the public and laziness so we will deal with you; we will send you on the road because you are embarrassing the members of the Guyana Police Force,” Commander Hicken said.

The issue of police ranks, who give preference to influential persons in society and to those with the spending power, did not escape the attention of Hicken, who said it is engaging the attention of the Administration.

“You are neglecting the poor and focusing on the rich because you want gains and my take on that, is that it is corruption and if you are found culpable you will go before the courts and you will have your full share of the criminal justice system because we are not going to sacrifice the majority for the minority, it’s the other way around,” the Commander implored on the ranks.

It was also pointed out that members of the public are afraid to share information with the junior ranks of the Force.

“While you are seeing your personal gains you are not seeing the dangers that you are putting your colleagues in because people information, if it is not properly shared and processed and filtered and transformed into the intelligence can hurt people. We have all these policemen and women here and you realized that people around you are doing illegal things but you are not telling the police because you know that you are getting a drawback it does not arguers well for the Force. Because of your dishonesty the whole Force is being stained because persons of questionable characters are saying if you can take then others can take too.”

Commander Hicken was accompanied on his visits by his Divisional Crime Officer, Traffic Officer and Head of the Firearm section as well as the Sub Divisional Officers.



  1. It’s good hear the kind of talks the police is receiving, what I think is very important is that we as citizens need to know our rights and not have it walked on by crappy policemen. Secondly’ if there is a process that is corrupt in Guyana it have to be the acquisition of a driver’s license… I ask our new g’vment to please look into this.

  2. He’s to be commended for what he’s doing I may be harsh but the president should do as Houten did. The crime in Guyana is overwhelming, those who commit these atrocities hang them and the crime rate will go down its a terrible thing to do but it’s needed Guyana cannot afford crime to keep growing rampant the way it is now something drastic has to be done.

  3. I share the sentiments/observations expressed here Shayne. The image of the GPF needs a complete make over. There are indisputable evidences which would reveal bribe taking, harassment, bullyism, criminality, laziness, all within the GPF. Some (many?) policemen/women, just enjoy the power associated with the uniform However, what is worrying, is that these chronic, obnoxious behaviours/attitude within the GPF have been a hall mark of a significant number of ranks even before the previous administration and no one in authority did anything to address/arrest this situation. Lets see what this new administration which went into office on the ”time for change” theme, would do.

  4. ‘A’ Division Commander Clifton Hicken continue to demonstrate grate vision for good policing, such statement and new approach can change the present perception about the police actions.

  5. I must applaud the message Asst. Commissioner Clifton Hickens gave for the half yearly inspection. Guyana needs good policing so the rule of law can flourish. Good policing practices can creates certainty and efficiency in the business environment. Investors and business will invest more in an nation that demonstrates confidence in a police force. Always remember crimes can cost the country dearly in productivity and foreign investment.

    Integrity is the bedrock of policing and the foundation for building a
    successful relationship with members of the public and businesses. Integrity within the Guyana police force is rated very poor. Therefore to bring back trust as Mr. Hicken is trying to restore, starts with enforcing the rules, so that corrupt, disrespectful & lazy police ranks and officers be kicked off the force when they don’t tow the line.

    Serving with integrity builds trust between the people and the police. I hope the pressure is kept up to ensure law and order is restored in Guyana.


  6. To be admired only when it suits the occasion? During the Linden commission of inquiry, there were many who wanted him dismissed from the GPF as it was claimed that he took orders from Rohee to shoot at protesters.
    Now that he is taking a more proactive approach to ensure rogue and lazy cops are identified and dealt with accordingly, he is to be admired
    Well, people’ s opinions do change with changing circumstances. Mr Hike Is an honourable officer and knows exactly what his plans are to create a better image of the GPF.

  7. Thank you Mr. Assistant Commissioner. Changes and structure require leadership, we applaud you and implore your fellow officers to start by leading.

  8. Don’t forget to improve the working conditions at the police stations and baracks, etc. By the way, in all those american actions you does see the police borrowing civilian vehicles to pursue criminals in high speed chases, etc. Does this happen in real life? If it does, does the laws of Guyana allow for this to happen here at least in emergency situations such as if a crime is being committed and the police have no police vehicle at their disposal?

  9. During the past year or so, I’ve had to visit the Brickdam Police Station the report matters to Commander Clifton Hickson, and every time – yes, EVERY TIME – I did not have to wait. He accommodated me IMMEDIATEKLY, EVERY TIME. He is a very Professional Senior Police Rank.

  10. More power to Commissioner Clifton Hicken. This is showing true leadership. Guyana needs more like you.

  11. Well if they suppose to weed out all them bad cops from the force there will definitely be no police force anymore LOL


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