Corentyne woman takes her life after years of reported domestic abuse


-Woman’s mother said numerous reports to the police were not investigated

Christine reportedly took her life after suffering years of abuse at the hands of her husband

Thirty-year-old Christine Singh of Rose Hall Town, Corentyne consumed a poisonous substance on Saturday morning and consequently died soon after.

Her death allegedly followed years of domestic abuse, she had endured at the hands of her husband.

According to her mother, Sarojinie Singh, Christine had told her on Friday afternoon that she was “going out,” but had promised to return home soon.

After Christine had left home, Sarojinie said, she and her neighbour went to view a parade on the public road on Friday night.

At about 19:30hrs, she said that she witnessed her daughter being manhandled and assaulted by her husband in the vicinity of the “burial ground bridge” on the public road.

The distraught Sarojinie noted that her daughter did not confide in her about this most recent reported beating she had received from her husband, as she did not return home that night.

Sarojinie said she was in her kitchen sometime on Saturday morning when she heard her neighbour’s urgent call summoning her, and upon running to the front of her yard, she noticed her daughter vomiting continually while leaning against the fence. She said she rushed to assist her daughter, but by the time she was near her, the girl had already fallen in an unconscious state to the ground.

Fearing the worst, she rushed her daughter to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital, where she learned that her child had ingested a poisonous substance. Moments later, Christine Singh was officially pronounced dead by medical officials.

Sarojinie told this publication that several reports had been made to the police about the physical abuse her daughter had been made to endure at the hands of her husband; but, on numerous occasions, the reports had allegedly gone uninvestigated.

The very distraught mother feels that if the police had acted on any of those reports, her daughter would not have been forced to take her own life. (Ramona Luthi)


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