Corentyne woman dies after ingesting poisonous substance


A 51-year-old woman is Guyana’s latest suicide victim. The Corentyne woman who lived alone, died on Monday after ingesting a poisonous substance.

suicideThe dead woman has been identified as Chandrawattie Sepulveda of Number 69 Village, Corentyne, Berbice. The woman is said to have been suffering from a mental ailment and ingested the poison after returning from the psychiatrist on Saturday.

According to reports, Sepulveda had made threats of taking her life during her doctors’ visit.

According to her brother Surajpaul Rajpaul, he travelled from Suriname and a sister came from Canada to ensure Sepulveda received treatment for her mental disorder.

He said during the first visit, they were advised to remove all sharp objects from the home along with chemicals and anything which can be used to inflict self-harm.

However, as they returned home from the doctor’s visit on Saturday, Sepulveda quickly got into the house saying she wanted to use the washroom. Moments after, her sister from Canada heard her coughing and when she enquired, Sepulveda said she had just ingested poison.

She subsequently succumbed.

A post-mortem examination is scheduled for today at the Skeldon Hospital.





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