Corentyne pandit died from fractured skull, brain hemorrhage – PME

Dead: Pandit Rishi Bharrat

A postmortem conducted on the body of 60-year-old Rishi Bharrat, the pandit who was beaten to death outside of his Crabwood Creek Corentyne home, found that the elderly man died as a result of a fractured skull and brain hemorrhage.

The autopsy was conducted today by Dr Nehaul Singh and the results were released by the Guyana Police Force (GPF).

“The body was then handed over to the relatives for burial,” the police said.

On August 31, INews reported that four persons provided investigators in Berbice with confession statements about their involvement in the fatal beating of the religious leader which occurred on the night of August 28.

There are reports that eight young men were in front of the pandit’s home imbibing, using foul language and behaving disorderly.

Bharrat had reportedly gone out to the group to confront them since he was unsuccessful in his bid to get them to go elsewhere when he spoke to them from his window.

Police arrested eight parsons on Sunday morning, and three more later on Sunday.
On Monday, another person was arrested and four of them have provided investigators with confession statements about their involvement in the beating.

Reports are that the group were at a wedding celebration at Number 70 Village, also on the Corentyne and the event was stopped by the Police as part of measures to enforce COVID-19 guidelines.

The group went to Crabwood Creek and purchased alcoholic beverages from a shop nearby and continued imbibing.

When Bharrat went out to them, there was an exchange of words between himself and the men and he was attacked.

Two persons of the group reportedly removed boards from a bridge which stretched across a canal and lashed the father of four.

The religious leader was also hit to the head with beer bottles after falling to the ground.

The pandit, who operated his own temple which was situated on the same premises, was pronounced dead at the Skeldon Hospital.

According to the now dead man’s wife, Jasmine, she had telephoned the Skeldon Police Station twice seeking Police intervention after complaining of noise nuisance and was told on the second occasion the Police were responding and were already in the community.

Meanwhile, this publication was told that the Skeldon Police Station has to share two motorbikes which also have to be used to patrol the Upper Corentyne and the Black Bush Polder areas.